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In this section we'll provide links to some of the other sites that we feel may be of use to you as a customer, pilot, or student pilot.

And, of course, the standard disclaimer. We have no affiliation with most of these sites, and no control over the content on them.


Ground School Materials

Our instructors recommend either of the following; the choice is up to you:

Flight Training

Paying for Training

We have found it best to have enough funds available up front so that you are not delaying lessons for financial reasons. Either save up sufficient funds, obtain scholarships, or obtain financing. Delays in training only serve to increase the overall cost, as you will need to revisit lessons that you have forgotten. Here are some links that may help with scholarships and financing. Note that we are not affiliated with any of these organizations and do not provide scholarships ourselves.


Search the Internet! There are many out there, and too often they go unclaimed because no one applied! There are hundreds or even thousands of dollars available! Some of the ones we're familiar with include:


Flight Planning

Flight Organizations

Federal Resources

Aviation Weather

Online Communities

Podcasts & Aviation Media

Public Benefit Flying

This is a chance to put a purpose behind your flights! You can enjoy the freedom of flight while making a contribution to the public good! Air Care Alliance serves as a clearinghouse for many of the organizations. We don't begin to list them all here!

Aviation Interests

Buying a Plane

Many planes will be shown at the Cavalcade of Planes.

Getting your Certificate

FAA Source Documents

This is the "official source" for much of the information you'll need when flying. They actually have a good deal of very useful information. A word of warning, though. While you can certainly print out the documents here, it is actually cheaper in many cases to purchase them printed and bound.

GPS Operating Guides & Simulators

Garmin G1000

Other Avionics

Local Pilot Resources