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Club & Rental

Unless you own your own plane, you'll need to rent one. We have a flight club that gives preferential rental rates, and also has periodic activities to keep you flying and having fun.



A&M Aviation is structured as a flying club. That means that you can be a member, and membership does have its privileges! Membership gets you a discount off of the aircraft rental rates charged to non-members.

Dinner and Event Flyouts

Between April and September, members of the club get together to fly to dinner or to go on a short weekend (or even week-long) trip. These are great ways to maintain currency, work on a rating, or just get together with friends! See the Events page for more information about where we've been and where we're going this year!

Flying Club Dues

Club membership is $400.00, of which $300.00 is refundable should you leave the club. Additionally, there is a monthly fee that depends on the level of aircraft you're certified to fly.

Monthly dues Level Description
$35.00 A Complex & High Performance
$30.00 B Less than the above
$25.00 C Primary Students