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Aviation Services

A & M Aviation is one of the premier FBO's, flight training schools and flight clubs in Illinois. We are located in Bolingbrook, in the southwestern Chicago area. We are a family owned and operated service organization, and are dedicated to making sure that your aviation needs are met.

We have operated at Bolingbrook's Clow International Airport (1C5) since 1973, providing fixed wing airplane and helicopter flight instruction, airplane and helicopter rental and sales, FBO services, and aircraft charters. Located in Bolingbrook, IL we are convenient to the surrounding communities of Romeoville, Naperville, Joliet, Lockport, Plainfield, Lemont, and others in the Chicago area.



Clow Airport's New Runway - from Concept to Finish Line

You've seen runways, perhaps landed on more than a few or lived near them.

Ever wonder what it takes to build one?

Come to this special presentation, hosted by the Chicago Area Chapter of the 99s (International Organization of Women Pilots), where Clow International Airport Manager Joe DePaolo will present the story of our new runway, the first complete rebuild of a general aviation runway in the Chicago area in many years.

Whether you're a member of the aviation community (pilot, aircraft owner, controller, mechanic, FBO owner, or business owner), of the general community, or have simply been interested in what's involved, you'll want to hear this informative talk!

It will be held in the Illinois Aviation Museum hangar here at Clow Sunday February 21 at 11:00AM.

There is no admission fee for this presentation, but if you're interested in bringing a group please contact Leslie Prellwitz, Vice Chair for the Chicago Area Chapter of the 99s at lprell99@gmail.com so we can ensure room for you!

Updated Weight & Balance Info

We have updated the weight and balance information here. If it's been a while since you checked, this is a good time to make sure you're using the most recent information for the aircraft you fly!

Student Pilot Certificates Changing

Starting April 1 student pilots will no longer get their Student Pilot Certificate from an aviation medical examiner. Students can apply through the FSDO, a DPE, or their Instructor. The TSA reviews the applications and then the Civil Aviation Registry issues a plastic license, no more paper, and it does not expire. If you currently have a Student Certificate it is good until it expires. Plan ahead if you are a student, it is anticipated to take about three weeks to get your certificate, which you need to solo.

First Flight and Gift Certificates

A & M offers both Familiarization and Introductory Flights, where we take you up in an aircraft for the first time to show you what it's like with you at the controls, and Sightseeing Flights, where we'll fly you around the area showing you how wonderful it looks from the air!  No need to imagine a nice evening flight watching the sunset, or a view of the Chicago skyline from the sky; you can experience them yourself.

We can tailor a flight packages for you!  Whether you're interested in a scenic flight or flight instruction.  If you want a classic plane like our Champ tail-dragger or even a high performance Cessna 182.  Prices start as low as $152 for an hour for an airplane!  Please call to arrange an experience just for you or someone you want to treat!  A perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, or just because you love them!

Safety Seminars

A & M Aviation and the Illinois Aviation Museum have partnered to offer monthly seminars on many topics. In January we provided a seminar on Best Glide speed and practicing for emergency approaches and landings, along with a Winter Operations presentation. These seminars are free and Wings credit is provided for attendance. It is a great way to learn, share your experience, and meet others with a passion for aviation.

The next seminar is February 18th about Advanced Preflight and Night Flying. The seminars are every 3rd Thursday of the month at 7PM-9PM at the Illinois Aviation Museum and notices go out via the FAA Wings program and posted on the A & M Aviation Facebook page. If you are not registered with Wings and do not get notices of seminar events, please check in with us just in case a seminar gets postponed. It rarely happens, but we don't want to inconvenience you.

CAMI offers free training

CAMI, the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, will be bringing their Portable Reduced Oxygen Training Enclosure (PROTE) and Spatial Disorientation device to Clow in the 4th quarter of 2016. This Airman Education Program is based on the one they offer in Oklahoma City. Watch this space and the A&M Aviation Facebook Page, as well as the Illinois Aviation Museum, for additional information.

Helicopter Hovering Adventure $300.00
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Experience the real feel of helicopter flying with a detailed, in-depth exposure to hovering a helicopter in 1 hour. Helicopter hovering takes your eye and hand coordination to a new level; you will experience using your feet, hands, and eyes to control the helicopter. Our certified instructor will optimize your flight experience by spending a half hour in the classroom teaching you the ins and outs of helicopter hovering. Understanding the inputs and the results will make your flight exciting and rewarding. You will apply your new skills with a 30 minute hands-on experience in a real helicopter with your instructor.


Fixed Base Operator (FBO)

Phillips 66 Aviation FuelsWe offer a full-service FBO with some of the best prices in the Chicago area. Our services include:

  • Phillips 66 Aviation Fuel (100LL and Jet-A with or without Prist)
  • Courtesy car
  • Pilot equipment sales
  • Wireless Internet
  • Aircraft tiedowns and hangar space

Flight Instruction

Cessna Pilot CenterOur FAA certified ground and flight instructors can help guide you through the challenges and opportunities in getting your airplane or helicopter pilot certificate, and can help you hone your skills through advanced and proficiency training. You can be a pilot! We offer introductory flights and gift certificates, so if you or a loved one is interested in getting started, stop on by!

Flying Club & Aircraft Rental

Unless you own your own plane, you'll probably need to rent one. We have a flight club that gives preferential rental rates, and also has periodic activities to keep you flying and having fun. Find out more about the cost savings, and see pictures from some of the trips we've taken across the country and in your own backyard.

Charter Flights

Sometimes you aren't interested in flying somewhere yourself, but want to take from one to six people quickly and efficiently, without a long drive or the interminable wait at the larger airports. A&M Aviation is affiliated with Better Living Aviation to help take care of these needs with our air taxi service.

Airplane and Helicopter Fleets

For both flight training and subsequent rental, we offer a varied fleet of aircraft from a variety of manufacturers. Whether you're looking for a classic light-sport tail-dragger or a serious twin, we have a plane for you. And for those who wish the freedom to go anywhere without even needing a runway, we have a helicopter, which can land almost anywhere!