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Airplane Flight Instruction

When most people think of getting a pilot's certificate, they think about airplanes, or "fixed wings" as they are called. Here we discuss the typical certificates and ratings that are available, in the order in which they are frequently acquired. Note, though, that this isn't the only way to do them! If you have specific needs, please feel free to use the Contact Us link above to request specific information, or, better yet, come in to talk with one of our professional FAA-certified flight instructors about your situation!


Sport Pilot Certificate

The Sport Pilot Certificate is the newest rating offered. It's a great way to get started for the least amount of money, but still fly a certificated airplane. At A&M, you'll do your training in our classic Aeronca Champ. The Sport Pilot Certificate is the only powered airplane certificate that does not require you to get an FAA medical exam, though you will need to certify yourself medically fit to fly. This has frequently been called a "driver's license medical", because the medical standards required to drive an automobile are similar to those deemed sufficient to pilot aircraft under the Sport Pilot Certificate. For the latest on the Sport Pilot Certificate, the Experimental Aircraft Association offers a wealth of information.

Estimated Cost of a Sport Pilot Certificate
Rate Cost
15 hrs dual instruction $144/hr $2160
5 hrs solo flight $92/hr $460
20 hrs ground instruction $52/hr $1040
TOTAL $3660

Private Pilot Certificate

The historic starting point for pilot education has been the Private Pilot Certificate for Airplanes - Single Engine Land, or PP-ASEL. With appropriate endorsements and aircraft checkouts, this allows one to fly any of the single-engine airplanes in our fleet.

Estimated Cost of a Private Pilot Certificate (PP-ASEL)
Rate Cost
40 hrs Cessna 152
- or -
40 hrs Cessna 172SP
- or -
40 hrs Cessna 172G1000




30 hrs instruction $49/hr $1470
TOTAL (Cessna 152)
TOTAL (Cessna 172SP)
TOTAL (Cessna 172G1000)

Instrument Rating

After the Private Pilot Certificate, people generally opt for an Instrument Rating. This is because the Private restricts you to flying in "good weather", called Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC). While that will actually allow you to complete most flights as planned, you will inevitably encounter the situation in which some low clouds right over your departure airport delay or prevent you from finishing that vacation trip down to the Bahamas. That's where the Instrument Rating comes in. It shows that you've received the instruction necessary to operate the airplane solely with respect to the instruments, so you can fly through that low overcast into the brilliant sunshine above and complete your trip as planned. This training is accomplished in an aircraft certified for instrument flight, so you'll be using one of the four-place trainers or the advanced aircraft.

Estimated Cost of an Instrument Rating

Prerequisites: PP-ASEL

Rate Cost
25 hrs Cessna 152
- or -
25 hrs Cessna 172SP
- or -
25 hrs Cessna 172G1000


- or -
- or -
15 hrs Flight Training Device $65/hr $975
40 hrs instruction $52/hr $2080
TOTAL (Cessna 152)
TOTAL (Cessna 172SP)
TOTAL (Cessna 172G1000)

Commercial Pilot Certificate

The commercial pilot certificate builds precision on to your Private Pilot flying experience, and is a key stepping stone for any activity where you are paid to fly, such as a certified flight instructor, banner tow pilot, survey pilot (traffic pilots too!) or charter pilot, as well as flying for a commercial airline. While varying levels of additional flight time and/or experience are highly sought by many employers, the commercial certificate is a must-have for all of them. One of the main benefits of the commercial certificate is increasing the precision with which you fly, which increases your comfort and confidence levels with the aircraft. Being a "Professional Pilot" is a state of mind, and the commercial certificate helps you get there, regardless of whether your flying draws a paycheck. This training will require at least some time in a retractable gear aircraft.

Estimated Cost of a CP-ASEL

Prerequisites: PP-ASEL. 250 hrs prior to checkride. (IA recommended, but not required)

Rate Cost
15 hrs retract
$150/hr $2250
10 hrs instruction $52/hr $520
TOTAL $2770

Multi-Engine Ratings

Flying over the mountains or out to sea, many people feel better knowing that they have a second engine should something happen, no matter how unlikely. The multi-engine rating, which can be had at either the Private or Commercial pilot levels, allows you to select an airplane that offers that added safety margin. Training for this will be in our Cessna 310, a fast, capable, twin-engine aircraft. Your certificate here will be PP-AMEL or CP-AMEL. 

Estimated Cost of a PP-AMEL (add-on)

Prerequisites: PP-ASEL

Rate Cost
13 hrs Cessna 310 $400/hr $5200
13 hrs instruction $56/hr $728
TOTAL $5928
Estimated Cost of a CP-AMEL

Prerequisites: PP-AMEL

Rate Cost
15 hrs Cessna 310
$400/hr $6000
10 hrs instruction $56/hr $560
TOTAL $6560

Flight Instructor Ratings

After you have a Commercial Pilot Certificate, you can share your knowledge and excitement with others by teaching! Certified Flight Instructors have multiple levels: ASEL and AMEL, both with and without Instrument Instructor Authorization.

Estimated Cost of a CFI

Prerequisites: CP-ASEL-IA

Rate Cost
10 hrs Cessna 172SP
$132/hr $1320
40 hrs instruction $56/hr $2240
TOTAL $3560
Estimated Cost of a CFI-I

Prerequisites: CFI, CP-ASEL-IA

Rate Cost
10 hrs Cessna 172SP $132/hr $1320
3 hrs Flight Training Device $65/hr $195
15 hrs instruction $56/hr $840
TOTAL $2355
Estimated Cost of a CFI-ME

Prerequisites: CFI, CP-AMEL

Rate Cost
10 hrs Cessna 310 $400/hr $4000
13 hrs instruction $56/hr $728
TOTAL $4728

Airline Transport Pilot

The ATP is the certificate required to fly as a captain for the scheduled airlines. You must have 1500 hours of flight time to be eligible for this certificate.

Estimated Cost of an ATP
Rate Cost
10 hrs Cessna 310 $400/hr $4000
15 hrs instruction $56/hr $840
TOTAL $4840


Even after getting your certificate, you can get endorsements to fly other, more advanced aircraft.
Tailwheel (conventional gear)

In the Aeronca Champ, you can get an endorsement per 61.31(i) to operate a tailwheel aircraft.

High Performance

In the Cessna 182S we can provide training meeting section 61.31(f) to operate a high-performance airplane (an airplane with an engine of greater than 200 horsepower).


We do not currently offer training meeting section 61.31(e) for an airplane that has a retractable landing gear, flaps, and a controllable pitch propeller.

High Altitude

And in the King Air C90, we offer training meeting section 61.31(g) for a pressurized aircraft (an aircraft that has a service ceiling or maximum operating altitude, whichever is lower, above 25,000 feet MSL).

Charges for the above ratings are based on the FAA minimum requirements for each rating. This is probably less than what you will require, depending on your experience and aptitude. These charges will vary per student.

These charges do not include the knowledge exam(s), checkride, study materials, headsets, club dues or membership. The rates shown are for members based on the Hobbes rate or 83% of the tach rate. A general rule of thumb for training flights is that 1.2 Hobbes hours = 1 Tach hour. Your experience may vary.