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Save time and money by flying direct to your destination in our Cessna Citation Bravo jet or one of our King Air C90s.  Our comfortable, air-conditioned, pressurized cabins gets you out of the crowds at terminals and congested hubs and into the air.  You and your companions can be back the same evening -- no hotels, no long stays, no missing important family events.


Here Today. Back Today. No hotels, no crowds at terminals, all on your schedule.

Why charter a plane

The Cessna Citation Bravo is a twin-engine jet with a range of over 1000 miles. Long considered to be the workhorse of the industry, the King Air C90, twin-engine turboprop, is a short range aircraft of approximately 500 miles and comfortably seats up to six passengers.  This means that you and your group can fly in comfort, safety and speed to smaller airports and cities, hassle-free, all on your schedule.

Here today, back today.

Do it for your business, your family, and yourself.

Better Living Aviation

Better Living Aviation, Inc. offers on-demand charter services from Bolingbrook's Clow International Airport and surrounding Chicagoland airports.  Charter is fast, convenient, and economical when compared to commercial service from larger airports.

Charter is fast

You get out of your car and walk into your waiting airplane for immediate departure. There are no lines, no pre boarding, no tickets, no hassle. If you are running late there is no problem, if you are early the airplane is ready to go when you arrive at the airport.

Charter is convenient

You have thousands of airports at which to land. Many of these airports are much more convenient to your final destination than the limited number of airports where commercial air carriers land. This means you get to where you want to be faster, and get home faster.

Charter is economical 

When you consider the amount of time you lose flying out of O'Hare or Midway on a commercial airliner the extra money you spend on Charter is well worth it. Many commercial airline flights continue through the Chicago land area originating in various locations. Bad weather in one of these areas can delay your flight hours, if not result in it being canceled completely. With Charter you pay for the airplane, this means that in our six seat King Air you can take up to six people for the same cost. That two day business trip to an area not supported by a major airport with two or three colleagues now becomes a one day trip with a considerable savings to both you in time and your company in money and productivity.

Charter is safe 

Aircraft Charter through Better Living Aviation, Inc. has been offered since November 2000 and our safety record is free of any accidents or incidents. The pilot training and maintenance of the aircraft follow strict FAA requirements as specified in 21CFR Part 135. Our pilots receive extensive training before they pilot any aircraft. This includes both ground training and flight training with a qualified instructor and recurrent training on a semi-annual basis. Our pilots also pass a flight check every six months by an FAA representative. All turbine aircraft captains also receive extensive annual simulator training which subjects the pilot to emergency situations and abnormal systems failures. These are designed to enable the pilot to be prepared should an unforeseen emergency occur. Should a passenger have any concerns regarding the safety of a flight they are encouraged to contact the Chief Pilot.

Charter is also available for freight, when that package need to be there or the manufacturing line will shut down. When that contract needs to be signed and returned before the end of the business day, charter is an economical solution to the problem.

Better Living Aviation, Inc. operates a Cessna Citation Bravo twin jet that cruises at over 400 mph. We also have two Beechcraft King Air C-90 twin jet turboprops that seats seven and cruises at 250 mph. This all weather air-conditioned aircraft will get you where you want to go in comfort. We also operate a Cessna C-182 which is a single engine piston aircraft that seats three and cruises at 140 mph. This is an economical alternative designed for shorter trips and small packages.

For a quote on your next trip call us at:

630 759-1555 (8:00AM to 7:00PM)


708 525-6312 after hours.

We are available for flights seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.