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Multi-engine Aircraft Fleet

We currently offer two aircraft in the multi-engine fleet. The Cessna 310 is a true twin airplane that seats six. Our 310 is an R model, and has Radar and a Garmin GNS430 GPS. Also in this category is our Beechcraft King Air C90, used for charter operations and high altitude endorsements.

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Cessna 310R

310While the Cessna 310 is the "entry-level" twin in the Cessna line, it is not an under-powered training machine, it is a serious traveling machine. 

For more information, see the Wikipedia article about the 310.

Beechcraft King Air C90A

Used for charter operations for Better Living, as well as for the High Altitude training, the C90A is a pressurized cabin class twin engine turboprop aircraft certified for flight into known icing. It has seven passenger seats, including one situated on the multi-purpose lavatory and one in the co-pilot's position.  This plane is not available for rental, but is sometimes used for the club events.King Air C90

For more information, see the Wikipedia article about the Beechcraft King Air.


Cessna 310R Beech C90A
Places 6 8
Useful Load 1631 lbs
Cruise speed 188 KT @70%
Fuel burn 30 gph @ 70%
Fuel capacity 163 gal
Range (no reserve) 1135NM @ 45%
Ceiling 19,750
Avionics GNS430
Radar, Stormscope

Tail Type Empty Wt Gross Wt Empty
N80FA 310R 3869 5500 lbs 140.512
N510MS C90A

Disclaimer: These values for comparison only and are not to be considered official numbers.  It is the Pilot in Command's responsibility to verify any numbers used in calculating performance against official numbers found in the airplane's Operating Handbook.