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4-Place Trainer Airplanes

Four-place trainers have a number of advantages over their two-place bretheren. They are larger inside, can carry more weight, and are typically faster. If you want to take someone with you on a training flight, or want to do a familiarization flight, this is the way to go. The four-place trainers are also quite useful for cross country trips. They are all instrument certified, so they can be used for both instrument training and, once the pilot is certified, for trips through the clouds!


Cessna 172 "Skyhawk"

6031L Front RightN365SP

The Skyhawk is one of the mainstays of flight training and personal flight. A & M provides a number of "hawks" for rental, from a 1999 172R model to a 2006 172SP with a G1000 glass panel. They have autopilots, Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) certified Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Receivers, and some have full-color multi-function displays, as well. The 172R has the 160HP engine, while all the others are SP models with 180HP.72662 Left Rear

We have a Garmin G-1000-equipped 172SP, with what is commonly called a "glass panel." Because of the advanced avionics, it does require additional instruction and checkout. But even the "steam gauge" 172Rs and 172Ss we have qualify as "Technically Advanced Aircraft."

G1000 Panel172 with MFD

The 172's have enough room that four people can fit comfortably, though that will usually necessitate leaving with less than full tanks. Most of them have leather interiors, for that extra touch of luxury.172 rear seat

For more information, see the Wikipedia article on the Skyhawk.


172R 172SP
Places 4
Useful Load 787 lbs 820 - 902 lbs
Cruise speed 118KTS @ 75% 123KTS @ 75%
Fuel burn 8.6gph @ 75% 10gph @ 75%
Usable Fuel capacity 53 gal
Ceiling 14,000
Range 675NM @ 60% 640NM @ 45%
Avionics KLN
IFR panel
MFD (some)
G1000 (some)
Tail Type Basic
Empty Weight
Gross Weight
N72662 172R 1669.6 2450 65.327
N365SP 172SP 1648.5 2550 66.579
N6031L 172SP (G1000) 1738.40 2550 72.5058

Disclaimer: These values for comparison only and are not to be considered official numbers.  It is the Pilot in Command's responsibility to verify any numbers used in calculating performance against official numbers found in the airplane's Operating Handbook.