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Club Dinner Flyouts

We have a tradition of having a number of flying events each year. This allows you to stay current, make acquaintances with other club members, and find interesting places to go. Note that these are not restricted to club members. You are encouraged to bring family and friends with. Just remember to take the weight & balance into account!  We have a mixture of dinner flyouts and destination flyout events.

Students, you may want to take one of these trips with your instructor in order to get some cross-country time. Or consider using these trips as an excuse to get instruction in a larger, faster aircraft; perhaps a twin!


Dinner Flyouts

Each month between April and October we all get together on the third Saturday to fly to dinner. This is a great opportunity to explore new airports, to get more cross-country time for a rating, and to enjoy the company of fellow pilots and their friends and family in a relaxed setting!  If you are interested in coming or have ideas on where to go, sign up for the Flyouts Mailing List and participate in the discussion. If you don't want to sign up for the list, just call the front desk and book a plane (and an instructor, if appropriate)!

Not currently on the list for 2012, but offering good food, are LakeLawn Resort (C59), which has reopened under new management, and Kacy J's in Muncie (KMIE).  Consider going there for brunch some Sunday!

The 2013 Season!

We're just now putting the 2013 season together!  Sign up for the Mailing List and provide your input now!


Date Restaurant Distance City ID
April 20 CJ's Restaurant and Catering
81NM Bloomington, IL
May 18 Steakfire Grill and Bar (grill your own steak)
Watertown, WI
June 15 tentative Rick's Cafe & Boatyard 140NM Indianapolis, IN KEYE
July 20 Friar Tuck's (we'll practice the AirVenture approach) 139NM Oshkosh, WI KOSH
August 17 tbd

September 21 tbd

October 19 tbd

We're always open to try new things.  If you've discovered a nice restaurant on or near an airport, send a shout out to the Flyouts Mailing List and suggest it!

Also, feel free to send a note out to the list telling us who you are and what you're looking for in a flyout event.

Trip Reports and Photographs from previous flyouts

April 21, 2012  Steakfire at Watertown (KRYV, 92NM NNW)

There were four aircraft on this trip, including the helicopter!  The destination was changed at the last minute because the original location wasn't going to be accommodate the group!  Wisconsin Aviation at Watertown was excellent, as usual.  Other than a minor snafu as one of the instructor's food was forgotten by the kitchen, everything was great, and the waitress was friendly!  Just a reminder based on the experience of one of the planes on the trip.  The line staff can be helpful!  So, even if you've removed the chocks from the nosewheel, double check to see that there aren't any others!

May 12, 2012 Final Approach at Sheboygan, WI (KSBM, 125NM N)

We managed to actually fill all the seats on three aircraft, resulting in 10 people at the table overlooking the runway at Sheboygan!  The food was good, with many ordering the prime rib or the "Wright Bros." whitefish, which were both on special.  There was a little tension arriving at Sheboygan, though, as one of the aircraft reported that they weren't getting three green, indicating gear down.  The helicopter had a look, and confirmed what everything but the lights was telling us; that the gear was down.  It turns out that the navigation lights on the Bonanza make the gear lights basically impossible to see in anything short of full darkness.

June 19th, 2010: Rick's Cafe & Boatyard at Eagle Creek (Indianapolis) IN (KEYE, 140NM SE)

We had a wonderful dinner at Eagle Creek.  We only had two planes head down, but it was a great trip.  We launched from Clow and arrived at Eagle Creek as the FBO there was closing up, so had no landing fee.  We flew down at 5,500 and only had light turbulence around the Boiler VOR, but a very nice tailwind.  We had a wonderful dinner on the deck at Rick's, watching the sunset over the reservoir, with the houseboats and sailboats plying the waters at our feet.  Dinner was delicious.  We had vegetarian pizza, blackened catfish, fisherman's grill (salmon, lobster, shrimp, and scallops), and lobster tail with shrimp.  A lot better than a typical $100 hamburger!  And the company was just delightful.

We launched for home right at official sunset, and enjoyed a nice low and slow flight back up north.  We had some headwinds going back up (to make up for the very nice tailwinds we had on the way down), but the flight was smooth and the visibility was fantastic.  We kept the power in the 182 dialed back so as to not leave the 172 too far behind, and we conversed over 122.75 en route.  After arriving back at Clow, we tied down and headed over to Andy's for a little desert.

All in all, an absolutely wonderful flyout dinner!

August 15, 2009: Frontier at Lake Lawn Resort, Delevan, WI (C59, 60NM NNW)

It was an intimate gathering.  We enjoyed a wonderful prime rib buffet with country fried chicken, seafood salad, fried shrimp, salmon, and other delicious food!  We even made it back to Clow within an hour of sunset!

May 16: Rick's Cafe & Boatyard at Eagle Creek (Indianapolis) IN (KEYE, 140NM SE)
April 18, 2009: Final Approach at Sheboygan, WI (KSBM, 125NM N)

Looking for a trip report from someone for these trips!

March 21, 2009: Steakfire at Watertown (KRYV, 92NM NNW)

Our inaugural flyout for the 2009 season was to Steakfire in Watertown.  It is a perennial favorite! We had seventeen people in seven planes go this time, ranging from Jim in the 152 to Al and a couple of pilots regaining currency in the 210.  We enjoyed the $17 steak dinners, and many people took advantage of the wonderful weather to work on their night currency.  After the event, there were three airplanes in the pattern at Watertown doing just that.


Past Dinner Flyout Locations