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Aircraft Fleet

For both training and subsequent rental, we offer a varied fleet of aircraft from a variety of manufacturers. Whether you're looking for a classic light-sport tail-dragger or a serious twin-engined airplane, we have a plane for you. And if you prefer your wings to be moving above you, we have helicopters, too!

We understand how important maintenance is to you, because we fly all these planes too! We follow a 100-hour inspection program, where each airplane is re-certified after every 100 flight hours.

Since the fleet is used for rental as well as flight instruction, we ensure that the equipment aboard is suitable for cross-country flights. Many of the aircraft are used for club trips to the Bahamas, Montana, or Maine, so IFR panels, autopilots, and IFR-certified GPS's are the rule, rather than the exception.


2-Place Trainers

2-place trainers are used for primary flight instruction. They are very cost effective, but have limited capacity for both weight and flight time. Some of them can also be used for Light Sport ratings and subsequent rental.

Aeronca Champ 7AC Sport Pilot-qualified tandem tailwheel
Cessna 152 classic high-wing trainer

4-Place Trainers

4-place trainers are used for primary flight instruction and are also popular for rental for short to medium distance cross countries, though they are certainly suitable for longer trips of 1000NM or longer. They are all IFR capable and have IFR-certified GPS's.

Cessna 172P, R and SP "Skyhawk" The perennial favorite trainer.  Some of these have an advanced G1000 flight display


These planes require additional endorsements or certificates to fly. They are used for advanced training and longer cross countries. They are all IFR capable and have IFR-certified GPS's.

Cessna 182S "Skylane" (high performance)
Beechcraft Sierra (complex)


Cessna 310R Real win with speed & performance
Beechcraft King Air C90 Pressurized turboprop

Flight Training Devices

For those days when the weather just doesn't support going flying, or if you just want a cost-effective way to get some simulated instrument conditions, we have an FAA-approved flight training device. (FTDs are commonly referred to as flight simulators, but the FAA reserves that term for full-motion devices.)

Frasca 141