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Advanced Aircraft Fleet

The Advanced fleet consists of those airplanes requiring more than an initial private pilot certificate to fly. Technically, the Champ falls into this category also, but we have it listed under 2-place trainers. These are four-place aircraft that are great for cross countries.  The Bonanza is the most advanced of these aircraft with 300HP and retractable gear, requiring both a high performance and complex endorsement.  Also in this category is the Skylane, which requires a High Performance endorsement due to its 235HP.  The Beech Sierra is a four-place aircraft with retractable gear that requires a Complex endorsement, but not a high performance endorsement. All of the advanced aircraft require a 60 day currency in make and model.


Cessna 182S Skylane

The Skylane is a very good cross-country machines that can easily carry four people in comfort or a full load of fuel for long distances.

For more information, see the WikiPedia article on the Skylane.

Rental hour requirements: 100hrs total time, 1hr C-182S before checkout, at least a private pilot certificate.  60 day currency in make and model.

C182Skylane Rear SeatSkylane ExteriorSkylane Panel


Places 4
Useful Load 1138 lbs
Cruise speed 134KT @72%@6K
Fuel burn 12.1 gph @ 72%
Fuel capacity 88 gal
Range (no reserve) 950NM @ 55%
Ceiling 18,000
Certificate and Endorsement required Private, High Performance
Tail FAA Type Basic
Empty Wt
Gross Wt
N7111W C182 1971.89 3100 (T/O) 73.1431

Disclaimer: These values for comparison only and are not to be considered official numbers.  It is the Pilot in Command's responsibility to verify any numbers used in calculating performance against official numbers found in the airplane's Operating Handbook.