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Club Flyout Events

We have a tradition of having a number of flying events each year. This allows you to stay current, make acquaintances with other club members, and find interesting places to go. Note that these are not restricted to club members. You are encouraged to bring family and friends with. Just remember to take the weight & balance into account!  We have a mixture of dinner flyouts and flyout events.

Students, you may want to take one of these trips with your instructor in order to get some cross-country time. Or consider using these trips as an excuse to get instruction in a larger, faster aircraft; perhaps a twin!


Destination Flyout Events for 2012

Each year we also have a number of longer "destination" trips. These are perfect ways to get with an instructor to finish up that instrument rating. They also make great vacations! Start planning early, and get that plane (and instructor, if you're looking to turn it into a learning experience) booked!  Let the front desk know if you're interested in any of those so we can plan appropriately!

AirVenture (7/25)

Wednesday, July 25th we will depart at 7:00 AM to fly into AirVenture, the largest fly-in in North America, if not the World.  With an early morning departure, it tends to be pretty easy getting in.  You must have a copy of the NOTAM, however!  We will be departing after the airshow and before dark.

Labor Day Camping in the U.P. (8/31 - 9/2)

If you're interested in camping under the wing, there is an opportunity starting the Friday before Labor Day in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at Prickett-Grooms Field (6Y9) in Sidnaw.  We'll be showing up the afternoon of 8/31, and probably leaving Sunday, 9/2.  That leaves Labor Day itself available for doing stuff at home.

Mackinac Island, MI  (9/8 - 9/9)

The construction at the Mackinac Island (KMCD) airport, is complete!  We will have our annual trip to Mackinac Island this year, leaving at 8:00 AM on September 8th and returning on 9th!  This is always a great time, so we hope you'll join us!

Bahamas and/or Florida Keys (11/2 - 11/8)

A 2200NM round trip to the Bahamas and/or the Florida Keys for fun and sun is a great way to end up the year's organized trips.  We will depart at 8:00 AM on November 2nd, and return on November 8th.  Here's a chance to make the trip with people who have done it before, and can eliminate the mystery!

Other Opportunities

We are discussing a summer trip to Gaston's Resort, Kentucky Dam, Cedar Point Amusement Park, Put-In-Bay, or other places of interest.  If you have any suggestions, let us know on the Mailing List .  Tell us what excites you and what you don't want to have anything to do with.  Let us know any ideas that you have or neat places you've been that you think we might be interested in!  And there's no reason that the fly-outs need to be "official" A&M events.  Use this list as a way to organize some of your friends to fly places with you and us!  (Note that this is what the webmaster has done above with the Gaston's Fly-in and the Sidnaw Labor Day Weekend fly-in.)

Past Locations

We've gone to a bunch of neat places in the past.  The links will take you to photos of the flyouts.

Bahamas 2009: A lot more than we can fit on a single page!  Planning - Cat Island - Staniel Cay - Andros Island - Abaco Island - Home
AirVenture 2008 (Oshkosh)! We took the King Air C90, and it sold out both days! We left Clow at 7:00 AM and departed AirVenture after the air show. 
Key West and the Bahamas (Hawk's Nest, Norman's Cay)
Bar Harbor, ME for great lobster
Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park
Tangier Island, Ocracoke Island, and Kitty Hawk
Annual trip to Mackinac Island, MI