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X-Country Crier

We publish a newsletter for the benefit of our flying club members, renters and students to keep them informed of what's going on at A & M Aviation! Below is the May 2011 newsletter.



Prez Sez

Are you current? Have you taken advantage of the nice weather yet to do a little flying? May looks like it will be a great month to do some flying. A lot of you have already told me about your plans for this years trips and it looks like we will have a great year. Some people are planning to go to the air shows around the area. This is always a fun time especially if there are a few planes going. Some people are talking about going to Canada fishing for a few days, others are looking at a golf trip for a day or two, and still others are heading out to join friends on a BBQ on the East Coast. The choices are limitless. Being a pilot allows you many choices take a plane and have some fun.


Student Pilots: the summer season is upon us and you are all working to do your solo flights and get the requirements for your private licenses completed. This is a big step in your training and requires a lot of things to fall into place at the right time. The biggest variable is the weather. Not only are ceilings and visibility a concern, but we also have to contend with the wind. Although these variables are out of your control you should watch the weather and schedule an airplane when it looks promising. Mornings and late afternoon are sometimes the best time for flying, especially since it stays light so late. Even if the forecast is for bad weather, get on the schedule; the weathermen have not been very good on their forecasting. The morning may be bad but by late afternoon the sun is out and it is beautiful. Work with your instructor on weather prediction, it will speed your training along. On a similar note the Front Desk cannot dispatch an airplane for solo flight unless all the required paper work and endorsements are in place. Be sure that you have reviewed the flight with your instructor and have the proper endorsements in your log book. You should also check with the Front Desk to see if your instructor or another instructor will be here to sign you out when you are ready to solo. This is especially important on a busy day when the weather is perfect for flying.

Upcoming Events

The May dinner flyout is on the 21st to the Final Approach Steakhouse in Sheboyban WI.  This is a wonderful restaurant that you won't want to miss!  We will depart around 4:00PM and meet at the restaurant (near the approach end of runway 3).  For those of you who have gone on dinner flyouts with us in the past, you know the good times we have.  If this is your first flyout you will enjoy the group and we always have a good time.  As our trips are VFR we will be looking for good weather that Saturday.  Take an instructor for an instruction flight or bring a friend.  Also be sure to subscribe to the flyouts mailing list, where any last-minute changes will be posted.

The A&M Aviation, Inc. Open House and Cavalcade of New Airplanes will be held June 4th and June 5th at the airport. We are expecting a very good turn out this year and we will have many new planes on display. This year we will also have a used airplane display (aircraft for sale), and a fly market. Remember, one manís junk is another manís treasure, or so they say. The Museum will also be open with many neat items. Food will also be available. The Cavalcade continues to grow each year, and we expect this year to be even better than last year. Mark your calendar and we hope to see you on the ramp.

Fuel Costs

As you are all aware the price of fuel has continued to increase over the last three months at a rate far exceeding what anyone would have expected. As a result we are forced to increase our prices to reflect the fuel usage of each aircraft. Effective immediately the hourly cost for the aircraft has been increased $5.00 - $15.00 per hour based on type. These increases will be posted at the front desk. Our instructor costs have also increased $2.00 per hour in order to keep up with the market demand for good flight instructors. We continue to monitor our pricing in order to offer our members the best value in flying in the Chicago Area. At these new prices we feel we are still more economical than most if not all the flight schools in the area.


Summer is almost here and the next few months we will have daylight well into the evening. The evening is a great time to fly. Schedule those 6PM and 8PM slots; they are great during the week. The winds start to subside, the sun starts to go down and the temperature cools off a bit. Get checked out in one of the Cessna 182, Archer, or the Beech, these are usually available and are great trip airplanes. They can be booked for multiple day trips.

Mentoring Program

Want to go on a trip but youíre uncomfortable with the weather, flying solo, the airspace or going someplace new for the first time? Our solution is to rent an instructor for the day. For only $250.00 a day plus expenses you can have the qualified co-pilot to assist you or provide training on your flight. Remove the anxiety and uncertainty that may be keeping you from that next trip. Build up your confidence and get the most from the pilot license you worked so hard to get.


We also offer accelerated Private, Instrument, and Multi-engine courses along with an accelerated CFI course.  These are designed to get your rating in a time frame that matches your goals.  Our instructors are flexible and can work with you to complete your next rating.  Why go to Florida or Arizona to do what you can do in your own backyard?  Stop in and see me to discuss your needs and my staff and I will make it happen.

A & M Aviation, Inc
90 Day Discount Instrument Program
  1. 20 hours of flight time in a Cessna 172
  2. 20 hours Sim time in Frasca 141
  3. 12 weeks ground school (one evening per week, 2 hours)
  4. Gleim Instrument Pilot Knowledge Test Prep
  5. Approach Plates and Low Altitude Charts included
  6. Additional Sim time as needed
  7. FAA Knowledge Exam
  8. 40 hours of instruction time by a CFII
  9. Actual instrument flight when weather permits
  10. 1.5 hours flight time for check ride


Program will start mid- to late-May and finish mid- to late-August
Payment: 50% at sign-up and 50% in 30 days

COST: $5,500.00

Spring is great, we hope the added daylight and extra hour will allow many of you to enjoy the great evening flying spring can bring.

We will beclosed Monday, Memorial Day May 30st



Happy Flying,
from JIM