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Flight Training Devices (Simulators)

For those days when the weather just doesn't support going flying, or if you just want a cost-effective way to get some simulated instrument conditions, we have two FAA-approved flight training devices. (FTDs are commonly referred to as simulators, but the FAA reserves that term for full-motion devices. We use it here because it's common practice to do so!)


Frasca 141

The Frasca 141 Simulator is a unique training tool. It has the ability to simulate many different conditions and to test the pilot's skill in identifying and resolving those conditions. You can control the wind, turbulence, loading, fuel, and center of gravity. You can fail the landing gear, flaps, generator, vacuum pump, or electrical system. You can also fail the artificial horizon, vertical speed indicator (VSI), turn and bank, directional gyro (DG), altimiter, and subject the pilot to pitot ice. Failures of the navigation system or engine systems like magnetos, fuel pump, prop governor, or even total engine loss can all be safely simulated. The weather can be adjusted, ceilings and visibility changed, and flights can be done in the day, dusk, or at night. These combinations can challenge the best VFR or IFR pilot.

The simulator is also available for instrument flight training and keeping current. If you need to get those six approaches and holding in, the simulator will give you the best bang for your buck. You do not have to worry about icing or low ceilings in the simulator. Get on the schedule and give it a try! Remember, staying current is a lot easier than getting current!

Frasca Panel

Frasca Control

ATC 610C

ATC 610C